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David Bache

I am a 17-year-old (born 1/15/98) going into ninth grade at Ramona High School in Ramona, California. I am also a Boy Scout and experienced backpacker and hiker. My other hobby is building websites for businesses and volunteer organizations. I began riding when I was seven. It did my first LD at age 9 and my first endurance race (a very hard 55 miler where I got 5th place in 10 hours!) at age 11. My Dad has been my sponsor on most of my rides, but I have also done rides with sponsors Kris Heinz, Susan Kontoff, Nicole Kontoff, Phil Worts, and Joan Taylor. Riding has always been natural for me.

Tom Bache


I am a 72-year-old (born 3/26/43) retired scientist, executive, and Marine Corps Vietnam veteran. I began riding in January 2008, to support David’s passion for endurance riding. I have much experience as outdoorsman (e.g., backpacked 2300 miles on the Pacific Crest Trail) and endurance athlete (attained national-class level in two endurance sports: track/cross country distance running and road cycling, including multi-day stage races. So it has been easy and natural for me to acquire competence in equestrian endurance riding. 

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